81st Readiness Division Unit Crest (Train Maintain Sustain)

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Approved on 12 June 1970 for the 81st Army Reserve Command, the 81st Readiness Division Distinctive Unit Insignia (unit crest) was also approved for the 81st Regional Support Command; the Command’s short stint under the Regional Readiness Command designation probably explains why it was never redesignated for that iteration of the unit.

Taking a cue from the 81st Readiness Division unit patch, the 81st Readiness Division unit crest features a black wildcat (this is the “Wildcat Division”). On the left center of the insignia is a sun taken from the flag of the President of the Philippines, a nod to its Philippine Presidential Unit Citation form World War II; a fleur-de-lis on the right stands for World War I action in France.

The star on the vertical stripes indicates command activity, and the single vertical stripe plus the eight sides of the octagon stand for the unit’s numerical designation. “Train Maintain Sustain” is the unit motto and reflects the Division’s combat support mission.

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