708th Support Battalion Unit Crest (Service First And Always)

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(Source: The Division Support Command, FM 54-2, September 1965)
The maintenance battalion provides direct support maintenance for the division and its attachments to include:

a. Direct support maintenance for all materiel except medical, electrical accounting, quartermastes airdrop, and cryptographic equipment.

b. Obtaining, accounting for, and issuing selected maintenance float items.

c. Supply of repair parts.

d. Operation of maintenance collection points and provision of evacuation service.

Direct support maintenance, to include a limited materiel recovery and evacuation capability, is provided each brigade by a forward support company in the brigade trains area (1). The forward support company is reinforced as required by elements of the headquarters and main support company of the maintenance battalion.

The headquarters and main support company (2) operates in the division support area, providing direct maintenance support to the division elements not supported by the forward support companies as well as backup maintenance support to the forward support companies. The headquarters and main support company operates the main division maintenance collection point and provides evacuation assistance to support units when required.

The aircraft maintenance company (3) provides direct support maintenance for organic and attached division aircraft at airstrips and helicopter operating sites.

(1) Company C, 708th Maint Bn, supports 3rd Brigade, Co D supports 1st Brigade and Co E supports 2nd Brigade.
(2) Headquarters and A Company, 708th Maint Bn.
(3) Company B, 708th Maint Bn.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, May 19, 1970)
The 708th Maintenance Battalion has companies and detachments in Bad Kreuznach, Mannheim, Mainz and at Finthen Army Airfield, as well as its headquarters and two companies in Baumholder

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